Occupational Health and Safety Program

Non-Contact Enrollment for Animal Facilities

The Research Occupational Health and Safety Program (R-OHSP) offers enrollment in a non-contact occupational health program for individuals that that will have no animal contact when entering UGA animal research facilities.

This program will provide information on the inherent risks of entering an animal research facility, especially the risk associated with Laboratory Animal Allergy (LAA), and ways in which these risks can be mitigated. The program is for informational purposes only and no preventative healthcare services will be provided. Enrollment is required for non-contact entry in animal research facilities. Please enroll in the non-contact program .

The non-contact program is not intended for persons entering nonhuman primate spaces, since preventative healthcare services may be required even if there is no animal contact. Since services may be required, you must have a valid UGA MyID in order to enroll in this program. If you have a UGA MyID and password, please enroll in the nonhuman primate non-contact program here.

If you need to obtain a UGA MyID for the purposes of enrolling in this program, please contact us at occhealth@uga.edu